Welcome to first week of our four week series on how combat holiday fatigue and stress.

The holiday season often brings a rush of excitement and a whirlwind of activities, leaving many of us feeling overwhelmed.

Let's dive into our four-week series on mental health tips and techniques to combat holiday stress and burnout. First up is the synergy of two powerful practices: Pranayama breathing and the calming Eternal Om Herbal Tea.

Pranayama for Tranquility:

Pranayama, the ancient Indian yoga practice of breath control, is a gateway to tranquility during the holiday hustle and bustle. This specific breathing exercise, known as the Sama Vritti Pranayama, is central to boxed breathing and creates a harmonious rhythm that aligns mind and body.

Enhance the inner peace of Pranayama by incorporating our calming hand-blended  Eternal Om Herbal Tea into the practice.

Eternal Om Herbal Tea and Stress Relief:

Serenity is the name of the game of our Eternal Om Tea. Use it and the breathing technique together to ramp up your tranquility.

Find a comfortable, seated position to embark on your boxed breathing practice and take a moment to make your tea. The soothing aroma and herbal infusion set the stage for a synergistic holistic approach to stress relief.

Sip and Breathe:

  1. Inhale (Count of Four): With your cup of Eternal Om Tea ready, take a slow and intentional breath in for a count of four. Feel the warmth of the tea in your hands and the calming essence of the herbs.
  2. Hold (Count of Four): As you hold your breath at the top of the inhale, let the aroma of the herbal infusion linger in your nose, allowing the aroma to unfold and connect with the present moment.
  3. Exhale (Count of Four): Release your breath slowly, exhaling any tension. Savor the after aroma of the tea as you let go of stress with each breath out.
  4. Hold (Count of Four): At the bottom of the exhale, take a mindful pause. Allow the tranquility of both the breath and the herbal tea to envelop you.

Tea, Tranquility, and Time for Yourself:

Taking a few minutes to connect with Eternal Om Tea becomes more than just a break - it becomes a sacred ritual of self-care. The herbal blend, carefully crafted for its calming properties, complements the boxed breathing practice, creating a synergy that enhances the overall sense of tranquility.

Incorporate this practice into your daily routine, whether it's during a quiet morning moment or as a midday escape.

As you gradually extend the duration of your boxed breathing and tea ritual, you empower yourself with a sustainable tool for managing stress throughout the holiday season.

So, let the aroma of Eternal Om Herbal Tea be your guide to serenity. Sip, breathe, and find solace in the simple yet profound connection between Pranayama and the soothing properties of herbal tea.

Stay tuned for more insights and techniques in the coming weeks as we continue our exploration of strategies to prioritize your mental well-being during this festive but taxing holiday season.

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