Shipping and Returns

In what quantities are your teas and spices sold?

Our loose leaf teas are sold and priced by the ounce. Our single spices and spice blends are sold by the ounce in our rice paper packs. Most spices and blends are also sold in glass spice bottles.

Is everything from your store available online?

We do not carry everything online. We strive to carry our most popular and transportable teas, spices, spice blends and gift boxes. We carry a great variety of teaware, gourmet pantry foods and books in store, but unfortunately cannot offer them online. Please do visit our store in beautiful Laguna Beach to see all our beautiful items.

Can I purchase something that is not on your website?

If you spot a product you love on our social media or one you can’t forget that you saw in store, please give us a call at 949-715-9600 and we’d be happy to take your order.

How much is shipping?

We use USPS for shipping our products to you. Your shipping cost is based on the weight of the products and the distance of your delivery address from our shop in Laguna Beach, CA. You will see the shipping cost before you complete your order.
We currently ship only within the United States.

Can I track my purchase once it is shipped?

You will receive a tracking number from us when we have shipped your order. You can then track it via USPS. Please note usually ship next day after the order if placed excluding weekends because our post office is not open on weekends.

How are your teas and spices packaged for shipping?

Our loose leaf teas are packed in rice paper stand up pouches. Our spices and spice blends are packaged in the rice paper stand up pouches. Many of our spices and spice blends can also be packaged in glass spice bottles if you choose this option.

Can I pick up an order instead of having it shipped?

Yes we offer in-store pickup. You will see it as an option in your check out process.

What is your return policy?

We do not offer returns on food products, opened or not, due to U.S. health regulations.


How fresh are your spices and teas?

Our spices and teas are much fresher than anything found in a grocery store. Many spices and teas in grocery stores can be years old before they ever reach your kitchen.

We work diligently to source only the freshest, best tasting and often organic spices and teas. We go out of our way to provide our customers with all natural products. Spices and teas are grown all over the world, but we ensure that the products we carry are manufactured to U.S. food safety standards.

Because we are highly specialized, we turn over our stock very quickly. We also make many of our spice blends and teas in house, so they are freshly made in small batches on a weekly basis.

How do I substitute fresh herbs called for in a recipe?

Dried herbs are more concentrated than fresh herbs. Think dried fruit versus
fresh fruit. The rules of thumb are:
1 tablespoon of fresh herbs is the equivalent of one teaspoon of dried
1 teaspoon of dried herbs is the equivalent of half a teaspoon of
ground herbs

Where do your spices and teas come from?

Our teas and spices are naturally grown all over the world by mainly small-scale farmers. We source our spices and teas from all over the growing world. Different growing regions around the world specialize in different spices and/or teas because of the growing conditions required. Though our products come from all over the world, we ensure that they are manufactured to U.S. food safety standards.

We make many of the spice blends and teas in house and work with chef-owned companies to find the best tasting blends.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Spices and teas do not really go “bad.” They just lose their pungency, aroma and taste. If you keep your spices and teas in air-tight containers stored away from heat and sunlight, they will last several years. We do not recommend storing spices or teas in the fridge due to the cross-contaminations of scents and the condensation when brought back to room temperature.