Who We Are

We are two sisters in Laguna Beach who love spices and teas because they bring natural, flavor-infused joy to life and health to bodies.

Spices and teas are in our DNA. Our love of cooking came from our Indian grandmother who taught us that not only do spices and teas make taste buds sing, but they also make our bodies robust. If we felt a cold coming on, she would make us rasam which is a clear broth made of tomatoes, garlic, black pepper, cumin seeds and tamarind. Headaches were cured with chai made of milk, ginger, cardamom, tea and sugar.

Our shop is an ode to our grandma’s wisdom and love. We want to share her love of tea and spice as a means of achieving joy and health in our Laguna Beach shop. 

Unique souvenir gifts in Laguna Beach.

Food & Tea Gifts

In addition to spices and teas, we carry lots of unique cooking and tea accessories. Pick up a gift for the home chef or tea lover in your life in the shop IRL.

Gourmet pantry food including olive oil, alcohol infusion, jams, vegan chocolates, CBD teas

Gourmet Pantry Foods

We curate a wonderful selection of gourmet pantry foods like alcohol infusions, award winning olive oil, fancy jams, chili oils, local hot sauces, vegan chocolates and more! Visit the shop to pick up some fancy food for your pantry.

Tea and Spice for Joy and Health!