Indian Made Easy

Our Indian Made Easy line of products is our raison d’etre. While growing up, our mother would whip up great Indian meals in minutes by using our grandmother’s masalas that she lovingly sent from India and we hoarded like it was gold. All it took was some vegetables or meats and grandma’s special masala blends and mom made us a healthy and delicious curry in under 20 minutes.

Over the years, we were never without grandma’s masala because she would smuggle it to us with every visiting relative. But during the pandemic, this was no longer possible, so we had to finally learn to make it ourselves. After numerous phone calls and facetimes, she taught us how to make it. After sharing it some friends to test out, we knew we had a hit on our hands.


Indian food is intimidating to make because it requires so many spices, mixed in the right proportions, some roasted to get the right flavor. We took grandma’s masalas to the next level by creating a kit that contained everything need to make just about any favorite Indian dish.


This kit was so in demand, we decided to open up our own spice and tea shop as an avenue for making this special available to everyone.


With the Indian Made Easy kit ready, we added our family’s chai blends to the mix, enhancing them for fun and health but staying true to the authenticity of flavors. Next came Ayurvedic teas and products based on Vidya’s extensive studies in India with a world-famous guru.


With such an auspicious beginning, it’s no wonder our Indian Made Easy line of products are the best sellers in the store. Try some today!