Welcome back to week two of our four week series on how combat holiday fatigue and stress. Catch with week one's tips here.

In the rhythmic dance between chaos and calm during the holiday season, the powerful Kundalini yoga mantra “Peace begins with me” brings us to a transformative experience.

This powerhouse mantra, when paired with a unique mudra (sacred hand gesture) meditation technique, becomes a beacon of serenity during the holiday storm. Use our Organic Peace of Mind Tea with this powerful mantra meditation to combat holiday burn out.

The Technique: "Peace Begins with Me" Finger Meditation

Step 1: Find Your Center

Begin by finding a comfortable seated position. Close your eyes, allowing the external world to fade away. Take a few deep breaths, grounding yourself in the present moment.

Step 2: The Mantra Starting Mantra

Bring your hands into a relaxed mudra, where your thumb gently touches each finger. As you say each word of the mantra, follow the sequence:

  • Index Finger (PEACE): With the first touch, resonate with the essence of peace. Feel its calming energy wash over you, grounding you in the now.
  • Middle Finger (BEGINS): Move to the middle finger, embracing the notion that tranquility is not a distant goal but a journey that starts within.
  • Ring Finger (WITH): Transition to the ring finger, understanding that peace is intertwined with your being, an integral part of who you are.
  • Pinky Finger (ME): Conclude with the pinky finger, affirming that the journey to peace is a personal one, rooted in self-awareness and self-care.

Step 3: Sync Your Breath

As you touch each finger, synchronize your breath. Inhale deeply as you move to a new finger, exhaling gently as you resonate with the respective word. Let the mantra and breath create a harmonious flow within.

Step 4: Visualize the Journey

With eyes closed, visualize a serene journey unfolding within. Picture a path of tranquility illuminated by each touch of your fingers, a journey that begins with you and radiates outward.

Step 5: Expand the Ripple

As you conclude the meditation, slowly release the mudra. Feel the residual calm and carry it with you. Imagine the ripple effect of this inner peace extending to those around you, creating a collective oasis of serenity.

A Sip of Tranquility: Peace of Mind Herbal Tea

Now that you know the mudra technique, try it next with a warm cup of Peace of Mind Tea. As you prepare and sip this comforting blend, let the ritual of tea-drinking mirror the mindfulness of meditation. With each sip, feel the aromatic herbs and soothing warmth harmonizing with the tranquility cultivated within.

Correlation of Tea, Meditation, and Holiday Stress

In the hustle of holiday preparations, the fusion of "Peace begins with me" meditation and Peace of Mind Herbal Tea creates a holistic approach to managing stress. Creating a ritual of preparing and savoring tea isa mindful pause on the hustle and bustle of the world.

As you navigate the holiday season, allow the dual power of meditation and herbal tea to guide you. Embrace the calming touch of the mantra and the soothing warmth of tea, recognizing that true peace begins within, in every mindful breath, every gentle touch, and every sip of tranquility. May this fusion be your refuge, offering a serene sanctuary amidst the holiday chaos.

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