With its golden color, distinctive fragrance and slightly astringent flavor, turmeric has been one of the world’s most popular spices – used in Indian, African and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Many of our customers often ask us about how to use this versatile, powerful spice. Here are some cooking tips about turmeric, to help you cook with turmeric.

Cooking Tips for Turmeric

  • With its slightly bitter taste, turmeric can overpower a dish if you use too much. The best way to release its delicate flavor is to use small amounts per recipe, first sautéing it in hot oil for just a few seconds.
  • Fat is essential for 'waking up' all spices, both from a nutritional and a flavor perspective. From an Ayurvedic viewpoint, heating turmeric in ghee magnifies its healthful properties. You can make this combination and store it in a small jar in the refrigerator. Then it’s on hand whenever needed. It can be used to perk up a pot of rice, or stirred into a soup.
  • Though turmeric is traditionally associated with Indian cuisine, there are so many more ways to use it.  One our favorite ways to use turmeric is to sprinkle it on scrambled eggs with kale or egg salad. Try adding it to smoothies, roasted veggies and stews and soups.
  • Use about 0.25 to 0.75 tsp per recipe, depending on number of servings.
  • Saute the turmeric in organic ghee or hot olive oil before adding other ingredients.
  • Turmeric is sensitive to high heat, can burn very quickly, prepping all your ingredients in advance is a must.
  • If using onion or garlic, sauté these first, then add your turmeric and fry for about 20 seconds, allowing the oil to soak up the flavors. The turmeric will start to change color rapidly, from bright orange into darker orange. Quickly add the rest of the ingredients to prevent the turmeric from burning.
  • Once you start using turmeric on a regular basis, it's fun to find new ways to use it in home cooking.

Happy Cooking!

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