Kapha Balancing Kit


Kapha is the energy of water and earth. When in balance, Kapha is strong, loyal, patient, steady and supportive. Out of balance, it becomes sluggish, unmotivated and heavy of mind and body. When your Kapha dosha is out of balance, you are not living your best life.

Our Kapha Dosha Balancing Kit is designed to help you balance Kapha with teas, spices, food, tips and meditations in order to be your best self.  Use this kit when Kapha is aggravated or out-of-balance to maintain harmony and balance.

Each kit includes:

  • kapha balancing guide
  • kapha balancing tea
  • kapha balancing spice blend
  • kapha cleansing kitchari
  • kapha ayurvedic beauty mask
  • kapha healing gemstone
  • good luck token

Not sure which kit to choose?