Indian Made Easy Kit


While growing up, our mother would whip up great Indian meals in minutes by using our grandmother’s masalas - lovingly sent from India and hoarded by us like it was gold. All it took was some vegetables and/or meat and grandma’s special masala blends and mom made us a healthy and delicious curry in under 20 minutes.

Indian food is intimidating to make because it requires so many spices, mixed in the right proportions, some roasted to get the right flavor. We took grandma’s masalas to the next level by creating a kit that contains everything need to make just about any favorite Indian dish.

Our Indian Made Easy kit is the best selling spice in our store. Try one today. We'll even teach you how to use it for free.

Includes: Veggie Mix, Meat Mix, Antha Mix and GG Mix as well as a recipe booklet for the most popular Indian dishes.

Bonus - each recipe has an "Indian-ish" version for Indian food newbies and an "Indian-est" version for those who want to cook an authentic Indian meal like you would have at our house!

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