Chakra Healing - Tea and Meditation Gift Box


Tea and meditation work together to create a calming, mindful, and sensory experience that encourages relaxation and presence in the moment. This Chakra Healing gift box is the ultimate in unleashing your power with chakra balancing and healing! It contains a specialty chakra tea, a gemstone chakra mala necklace and a guided 30-minute chakra balancing meditation.

The chakra mala, handmade with blessings in our village in India, is made of 108 sacred rudraksha beads and chakra gemstones. Use it during the meditation and wear it for guidance along your path of truth, clarity and purpose. The teas in this kit are crafted and imbued with healing mantras.


  • Our Super Popular 7 Chakra Organic Herbal Tea
  • Eternal Om Organic Herbal Tea
  • Beautiful Stainless-Steel Tea Infuser
  • Handmade and Blessed Chakra Mala with Chakra Gemstones
  • Handmade Sari Gift Bag for Mala (design will vary)
  • How to Use This Kit Instructions and Chakra Guide
  • 30 Minute Intentional Guided Chakra Healing Meditation

The "intentional" guided meditation centers around aligning and balancing all 7 chakras. Instead of a general meditation, the goal of our Chakra Healing Meditation is to unleash the power within you through chakra balancing.


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