We like to joke at our shop that there are as many different teas as there are folks that walk through our doors. Whether you’re a caffeine addict or prefer a health-conscious cup of green tea, there is bound to be a type of tea you love. The type of tea you prefer says something about your personality.

Research says that tea drinkers are more persistent than coffee drinkers and are less pessimistic than soft drink lovers. Optimistic and determined – that sounds like most tea drinkers we know! But did you know the type of tea you favor says a lot about you? Read on to find out what tea you drink says about you!

A Tea for Every Personality

Does your personality choose your tea or is it vice versa? We’ll never know for sure, but there are some correlations between personality types and teas.

Black Tea: Black tea is often a choice of busy people who are goal oriented but conscious of their health too. Tenacious and decisive may be words that best describe lovers of black tea.


Green Tea: Green tea is a favorite tea of active people because it may help boost energy and achieve gym and weight-loss goals faster. Green tea is also favored by people who love and appreciate nature. Green tea lovers are harmonious, resolute and health-conscious.


Oolong Tea: Oolong tea lovers are discriminating, refined people who know the best secret restaurants and are generally in the know about the best of everything. They have the patience to really understand their tea and that prefer the versatility of oolong tea.


Pu’erh Tea: A person who loves pu-erh tea, one of more expensive teas in the world, is someone who appreciates luxury and appreciates the finer things in life and pays attention to details. Maybe they love pu’erh because it’s like a fine wine in that it improves in taste, aroma and texture over time.


Flavored Tea: Flavored teas are more playful and creative than traditional teas because they blend all sorts of fruits, herbs, flowers and even spices to achieve something unique. So naturally, people who love flavored teas tend to be creative, open-minded and fun!


White Tea: If you are a fan of white tea  you are polished, stylish influencer, sophisticated, care about beauty and simplicity, as well as delicate and gentle flavors. They seek something different and unique, beautiful and healthy at the same time.


Herbal Tea: Since herbal teas don’t actually contain any tea leaves, can you still call yourself a tea lover? Of course! Since tisanes (fancy for herbal tea) are naturally caffeine-free and calming, it stands to reason that herbal tea drinkers tend to be gentle people who are in touch with nature. They believe health is of utmost importance and have a good balance between work life and relaxation. 

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